PlyoFitness Inc. in Los Angeles, CA
Plyo Fitness is a gym located in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. We offer weightlifting and plyometrics courses to students who are committed to flourish both physically and mentally. We believe that consistency and accountability is a direct key to success. Our fitness trainers and staff personally support our students by offering meal prep options, office hours and nutritional guidance. 

You won’t just be another number in a single fitness class, you will be enrolled with students in a fitness support group environment. Perfect for those who have a hard time going to the gym everyday. 

As part of Plyo Fitness we will work with every student individually, we’ll track your progress every step of the way, hold you accountable, motivate, inspire and encourage each other to achieve your personal goals. You will never be alone, your trainers and your classmates will be there to keep you on the right path to being in the best shape of your life!